What about the Homeless People

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Today, the number of homeless people around the world is increasing significantly especially to countries that are politically unstable. Homelessness is triggered by many factors some of which force people to abandon their homes. The most common factors that contribute to homelessness include civil wars, domestic violence, health, poverty, and many more. In the event any of these factors impacts seriously, people are forced to migrate to new places in such of fortune.

Causes of homelessness and migration

Political instability and war

Political instability, wars, and fights in most countries such as most African countries has forced a lot of people to abandon their homes in search of more peaceful places to dwell in. Some people migrate to the neighboring countries to find refuge. Such people end up being homeless and live in refugee camps. A lot of people have lost their properties because political instability. Other people end up relocating to urban centers where they tend to establish new living areas in the street. Countries with political and war crisis have a large number of people who are homelessness.

Shortage of affordable housing

In most countries, especially the developing countries, a portion of the population survives below a dollar a day. A majority lack sustainable employment. These people find it had to survive on their low earnings. They cannot afford shelter and food at the same time. Such people only look for food whiles housing remain a challenge to them. They end up relocating to urban centers to live as street families. Their major concern is what they will eat but not where to call home.

Domestic violence

Today, a significant number of homeless people (women and children) are due to domestic violence. When women and children are abused ruthlessly, they find rescue by abandoning their matrimonial homes. In some families, people clash because of the family properties.

Mental illness

Mental illness is a major cause of homelessness today. A mentally ill person finds it hard to carry out essential aspects of life such as self-care, and household management. Additionally, these are jobless and cannot afford to own a home. If they have Families, the problem is much serious. A Research by National Coalition for the Homeless- mental illness shows that American has a homeless population of 6%. Over 20% of this population constitutes people with a distinct mental illness. Without assistance and proper care, mentally ill people have little or no chance of gaining stability.

Street families

A majority of children born and raised in streets, end up being homeless. Their parents have nowhere they can call a home. Such children end up having no quality education that can help them look for a good job to help them manage their lives. They marry or get married in streets. Unless governments take initiatives to support such people, their generation ends up being homeless forever. They form a chain of homeless people.


There are people who are exposed to poverty such that even affording something to put on the table as a meal is a big challenge. A majority of these people migrate to cities and urban centers to look for a much better life. Their situation cannot allow them even to own a home.

Other causes of homeless people include loss of job, divorce, depression, physical disabilities, and many more. When faced by any of these factors, people tend to migrate to new places to search for a much better life.

Understanding Homelessness Facts

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Previously we have talked about how the homeless, migrate. But let’s try to understand the situation of the homeless in general.

As you walk downtown or on the streets yo will notice someone without a place where he or she can call home. People do not choose to be homeless but some challenges in life make them unable to pay for their house bills. Some of the causes of homelessness include job lay offs, domestic violence, or arguments with parents or guardians. Nowadays, homelessness could occur as a result of the shut out, but whatever the cause, the family could end up spending days and tights in the streets.

Some of the homelessness victims stay with their families for a short period but some conditions forces them to vacate. If they posses a car, they will probably spend several nights in it although at the end they will have no other option but to spend nights on the streets. Today’s Homelessness Facts are some of the tragic issues affecting the society and the economy. However, the people who have no place to live are not chronically homeless. In some instances, the people you notice downtown on the streets covering themselves with blankets were once your neighbors and they are now in the trouble.

The Homelessness Facts shows that the government calls such people temporarily or transitionally’ homeless. Some of the studies conducted by both the government and the private entities shows that the temporary and the transitionally homeless people constitute close to eighty percent of the nation’s annual homeless population. However, temporarily homeless people do not expose their situations to the public. On the contrary, they are invisible because they keep concealing their situation to the society, which makes them live without being recognized.

The homeless people need a fresh start including the assistance to rebuild their lives.The process of helping the homeless people begins with the temporary housing where they can find shelter as they seek alternatives and ways of addressing their issues. This process requires the availability of the appropriate social amenities including the effective job training and social skills development to help them engage in economic activities that would keep them off the streets for the rest of their lives. Transitional housing offers the homeless people with a secure shelter as they put efforts to rebuild their lives.The transitionally homeless people do everything they can to get back into the comfort of their home.

Although the Homelessness Facts shows that the homeless people are more common in the urban areas, homelessness is a major issue in every corner of the nation. However, this issue is more prevalent in the bigger cities because of the large population in such places. People should not blame the homeless for the situation they are in. Based on the Homelessness Facts from various studies, less than five percent of the homeless people have chosen to live on the streets. People also have a misconception that many of the people who live on the streets have mental problems of some kind. Of course some of them have such complications, but majority are sound and can engage in productive activities if they are given an opportunity.

The Daunting Situation of Migrating Homeless Women

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Over the recent years, there has been a rise in the number of women being homeless from different parts of the world and a lot of factors are being considered which include the downturn in the economy, unemployment, lack of affordable housing, poor physical or mental health, migration, drug and alcohol abuse, and more. You see them in every city, standing in the corners with signs trying to get work for food or money, and often gathered in groups or in lines waiting for their next meal.

For some, being homeless is a nightmare but others see it as a reality of the present situation that needs to be addressed. You cannot simply imagine what people go through when they become homeless, not to mention the level of stress from living in the streets, traumatic experiences from people who wrongfully make judgments, adverse health conditions physically and mentally, and the fear of attacks by the general public.

Rise of Homeless People Migrating South

Humans are sensitive to cold and this includes the homeless people. When people feel the need to migrate because of the cold season ahead, they often go to tropical countries or move to a southerly climate to feel the vibrant warm breeze. Homeless women do not have much option, on the other hand. They have to walk thousands of miles just to experience warmth but end up having no home at all. The warm breeze, however, is enough for them to survive and expect something greater than the turmoil of the cold weather.

Many homeless people die from hypothermia. In fact, in the northern hemisphere, it is not unusual for a homeless person to die from the cold and snowy weather. The cold is not the only problem that has to be worried about. A homeless person will worry as well about the common diseases associated with the northern weather which includes influenza, fever, sinus infection, cough dizziness and loss of appetite. For this reason, the rise of homeless people moving from the northern climate to a southern climate has risen dramatically, especially today where the weather has suddenly dropped and the cold starts to kick in for longer months.

How to Help Homeless Women from Migrating

Like most people, you might be hesitant to give something to homeless people on the street because you question where the money would go, thinking that they might buy beer or drugs. You are probably nervous to approach someone who does not have a home because of the fear of their mental state or reputation. However, this should never be the case. Keep in mind that they are people as well. They need the basic necessities in life. And you, who is financially able, should try to help them.

Money is not always the means to help homeless women. You can give something far more important than money, which is food, clothes, and other items that could protect them from the cold breeze, particularly for migrating homeless people.

If you want to help more, it will take a lot of energy. Make sure you stock up on coffee or an energy supplement (I like Lumonol). You then can join a group like womens-empowerment.org. They have many programs to help train homeless women.

The Homeless Migration Issue and How They Are Moving South

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There has been a substantial increase in the homelessness rates in the southern part of the country. That is, there is a homeless migration ongoing as people who are homeless are moving from northern parts of the United States to the south where they feel they might have a better chance.

It has been found in recent time that there are a greater number of homeless people in the south. This comes as homelessness rates are increasing by about ten percent in many southern counties around the United States. For instance, homelessness totals in Los Angeles County in California has gone up by about 12 percent in the last few years. In addition, totals in Miami-Dade County in Florida have gone up as thousands of additional people are becoming homeless.

What are the reasons?

There are plenty of issues as to why the homeless migration case has become so prevalent in recent time:

    • The housing crisis from the past few years was especially devastating to the southern states as housing bubbles in Arizona and Florida especially caused people to lose their homes. This in turn has forced more people over time to be homeless over all those years.
    • The economic opportunities in the southern United States have grown as more jobs have come about in many different parts of the south. Homeless people have been trying to get into different places in the south as a means of trying to get into these jobs.
    • Homeless people are also heading out to southern climates as a means of trying to find spaces that are not too crowded. Homelessness has become a major issue in larger northern cities like New York and Chicago. By moving out to the south, people are heading into places where they feel they might have a little more attention.
    • Of course, it is not easy being homeless in the cold winter weather of the north.

What Concerns are there?

The concerns that have come about as a result of these homeless people coming into the south include many issues that are causing people to become impacted in a number of different ways all around:

  • Cities are struggling to find ways to get homeless people into the right shelters or housing centers. This comes about as a result of problems over people coming about rather quickly.
  • Cities are also having a hard time with getting different forms of protection ready for the homeless people who come into these areas. This is especially the case with children as there are a number of children around the country that are with homeless parents and may be allowed to get into all sorts of dangerous situations where their lives are threatened.
  • There are also additional problems relating to different issues where people are forcing communities to spend more money in trying to get homeless people back into different areas.

Overall, the homeless migration concerns that have come about over the years in the south have certainly changed over time. The changes have certainly been a real problem in many markets as it has become difficult for many cities in the south to adapt to the flow of homeless people in these areas.